Three essays

I have a few new things out: an essay on killer computers in the March issue of frieze, a review of Spike Jonze’s Her in Mousse 42, and part I of an extended essay on Internet worms in Witte de With Review.

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Two New Pieces

This month I have a new essay, “Museum of Malware,” in the fortieth issue of Mousse. Among other things discussed: viruses, electronic and biological; World of Warcraft; Stuxnet; a YouTube channel devoted to demoing obsolete viruses; and the possibility of instituting a museum devoted malware.

Also new: I speak with writer Hunter Braithwaite and artist Domingo Castillo in the latest issue of Miami Rail, a fine new publication operating along the lines of its Brooklyn ancestor.

“Starring Sigmund Freud” now available on Vimeo

More info here.

A Very Short Update

Things that are happening or have happened or will happen include:

Starring Sigmund Freud is screening as part of the Rotterdam International Film Festival’s 2013 Spectrum Shorts program. The exact times can be found here.

In Istanbul most of How to Tell a Story is on view in a group exhibition at Depo. Appropriately, the exhibition is titled “How to Tell a Story.” It closes February 17.

Online, Frieze writer Mark Beasley was kind enough to list my book, A Report on the City, as one of highlights of 2012. Very kind of him, I think. An ebook, hopefully, will be available soon.

And next week there will be an online residency on a website called Morning Drawing Residency. Details to come as the posts and drawings appear.


This summer I will be participating dOCUMENTA (13), curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, and on view in Kassel, Germany, from June 9 to September 16, 2013. I am participating as both a writer and an artist, the first time I have done so in a single exhibition.

My first contribution, A Report on the City, is a book collecting six interrelated essays and short stories, all of which more or less relate to the years I lived in Mexico City. Five of the pieces are previously unpublished; the sixth, the title piece, is available here. The collection is published by Walter König press and was designed by Leftloft. At the moment, A Report on the City is only available in Kassel, but it will soon be distributed in the United States by DAP, and throughout Europe by Cornerhouse Publications and Verlagsauslieferungen AG. An ebook, I hear, is also in the works.

The second contribution, Starring Sigmund Freud, is a new half-hour video looking at Sigmund Freud’s posthumous career as a film and television actor. Based on an essay I published in Frieze last year, the video is comprised of clips and audio from Freud’s several dozen appearances on the big and small screens. It will screen on June 7th at 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm at Balicinemas, Kassel. Starring Sigmund Freud was produced by the Kadist Art Foundation and commissioned by dOCUMENTA (13).

Lastly, I’m showing Subliminal Projection Company, an audio work I made in 2009. The work takes the form of subliminal self-help CDs, and in the place of the usual inspirational subliminal messages, I’ve included texts relating private childhood memories. The work comes out of my ongoing research into the history of brainwashing and the fringes of psychological research. Subliminal Projection Company is on view, so to speak, on the first floor of the Fridericianum. You can purchase a CD version of the work here.

“Secret Life of Things” at la Fundación Godi

This month, The Secret Life of Things is on view as part of “The Eyes of the Soul,” a group exhibition at la Fundación Godi, Barcelona. The exhibition is curated from the private collection of French video art collectors Jean-Conrad and Isabelle Lemaître.

This Month: “Street Views” at Maysles Cinema

This month, Paul Dallas and Anthony Titus have curated a program of documentaries at the Maysles Cinema. From the press release:

STREET VIEWS is a new film series that explores our connection to the built environment through documentaries, narratives and experimental works.  The series creates a forum for conversation with invited guest artists, filmmakers and architects who join for post-screening discussions.  The inaugural edition, “Existing Conditions,” features works by international filmmakers whose close examination of the physical world becomes the basis for meditations on social space, transformation and the contemporary urban landscape.

On April 24th I’ll be a respondent to one of the films, Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Abendland. The line-up includes a lot of great docs and respondents, mostly focusing on architecture and the built environment. You can view the full calendar of films and participants here.

“Paris Syndrome” Now Available on Vimeo and YouTube

My 2010 short documentary, “Paris Syndrome,” is now available on Vimeo and YouTube.

A Brief Update

Through April 8, The Secret Life of Things is in a group exhibition in Mexico City’s Casa del Lago. The show, Duplicitous Storytellers, includes works by Roisin Byrne, Simon Fujiwara, Mario García Torres, Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Stephen Prina, Walid Raad, Tyler Rowland, and Pablo Sigg. It was curated by Fabiola Iza.

The folks over at Paper Monument were nice enough to invite me to contribute to their latest book, Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment. There are lots of participants, all interesting. You can read some of the contributions here.

Music for Insomniacs

After an early life of online downloads and iPod compilations, The Goldberg Variations Variations or Music For Insomniacs is showing right now in a group exhibition at Proyectos Monclova in Mexico City. It’s the first time I’ve shown the all thirty-two tracks of the thing, out loud, without headphones. You can listen to a sample track here.

Also, the latest issue of Frieze has a tiny piece I wrote for their 20th anniversary issue. The issue has great contributions by Bruce Sterling, Vivian Rehberg, TomMcCarthy, Michael Bracewell, and others.


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